Obor Farmers Market.

I love this place. It used to be old and crowded, now it’s brand new and still crowded. Fresh products for a lot of cooking!!


5 thoughts on “Obor Farmers Market.

  1. This place looks awesome. It’s also nice to see photos of a farmer’s market sans hipsters. I like these photos because they depict a certain sincerity that is lacking in a lot of the trendy market photos I’ve been seeing. Nice work.

  2. Yes. I am from PA. And by now we should’ve had a fair amount of snow, but it seems all of my pining has kept the snow away. So, I’m a bit envious of your snow photos. They’re lovely and I can’t wait to get my chance. Also, I spent one day in Bethlehem to see Los Straightjackets at some fair they were having in town. After, I happened upon a place that had decent beer. It was a fun time. That was a few years ago though.

    1. We had nice winters the past couple of years in Bethlehem, and by nice I mean cold and snowy. I just got here in May 2010 so it’s all still pretty new, but I love this snow. I wouldn’t worry about the PA winter, it will eventually show its nose. I love your blog by the way! If you ever go to Bethlehem again, I hope you’ll post some photographs.

  3. Thanks. It is pretty cold here and of course because this is the first winter in 9 years that I haven’t had to commute to Bloomsburg for work, we haven’t had snow! But you’re right. It will snow eventually. I was just hoping it would before my gallery opening. And I will post if I make it out to Bethlehem again for sure.

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