DIY Kindle Cover.

Now, this is something unusual for my blog, I don’t do DIY sections for the simple reason that .. well, maybe I should do this more often, I’m good at DIY. Anyway, today’s class is about the Kindle. Actually, about its cover. If you live outside the US as I do these days, it’s already not too easy to get your hands on the latest Kindle, but it’s even harder to find the covers that go with it. So, off we go!

You will need:

– a hard cover book

– liquid paper glue

– a soft brush, rather large, lots of pages to glue together

– a cutter

– clips, not mandatory, but useful

– weights or something heavy to make it all stick together nicely

– a hair dryer, once again not mandatory, but does help

– a plain white paper big enough to fit your Kindle on it (for “localizing purposes”)

– some nice thin paper, for the bottom of the book

– a rubber band, to hold it all together (just like Moleskine poket-books, you’ll see what I’m talking about later).

First of, we decided to go for a hard cover book. Looks good, its pretty much reliable, makes you look cool in the subway, or whatever reason you have. Pick up a book that appeals to you, maybe even a book you really like and read a tons of times before, the irony makes me laugh.

Now, estimate how many pages you need to glue together, either by measuring the book vs. the Kindle, or, the way we did it, hum.. whatever. You then need to first glue the last part of the book, part which will be the support for your Kindle, then glue the “frame”.

From time to time, use the hair dryer, make sure the glue is properly spread, and use the weights to compress the pages together.

Now take the sheet I told you about and draw around your Kindle, this will help you know how to cut the pages of your book.

While the Kindle owner was taking care of all this, and between shots, I started having fun with some brand new pencils I bought, drawing a simple pear in my Moleskine poket-book.

Next step, the cutting part! Watch out for your fingers and take it slow, you don’t want your Kindle cover to be all torn apart.

Hold it all together with the clips, if you want to, and once your down to the bottom, you’re almost done. Right now you have to make sure your book is solid, use glue on the inside, outside, all over. Use the hair dryer if you want to make it faster. But solidity is the key. You want your Kindle to be protected.

Once this is over, once your book is well glued and solid, you can make the interior look good with the thin paper layer just like that:

Feel free to ask questions if I wasn’t clear enough, I don’t always manage to be as clear as I should. Sorry about that. But if you want more DIY posts, let me know!


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