Trip Planning.

If you’ve been through the links pages (“check these out”), you’ve probably seen the Luminous Landscape link. I really enjoy reading the articles on this site since it gives an insightful point of view about anything and everything related to photography. Tutorials, concepts, basic rules (of thumb), essays about photography, so on so forth. But the latest article really interested me:

Planning a trip.We all do it whenever we leave the house. You plan your day even if you don’t leave your town. But planning a photography trip is a good way to make sure you won’t come back empty handed. Read the article if you want a professional’s view, I will just talk about how I planned my upcoming trip to Predeal, Brasov county, at approx. 1.200m altitude (4.000 feet).

Given the changes in weather we had lately, the first thing I did is to check the weather forecast.

-7 °C
Now: Cloudy
Wind: W – 58 km/h
Humidity: 17%
Friday                   Saturday                  Sunday
Parţial Însorit…….|……. Şanse de Zăpadă…….|…….Senin
1 °C | -8 °C       -1 °C | -11 °C       -4 °C | -17 °C

Sounds good to me. We’ll get there tonight, probably cloudy, maybe some light snow, tomorrow we’ll have scattered clouds, which will give nice pictures at dawn and dusk, and on Sunday, sunny which will be just perfect.. because I’m tired of clouds.

Then. The map. Topographic map is better. Sort of like this:

Google maps isn’t the better topographic map around but right now it’s all I have. I’ll probably buy a map once I get there.

Based on the weather forecast and the map, we see that the mountains follow a N-S line, nothing much higher on the East side which means that dawn/dusk photographs should be interesting. Speaking of which, in the LL article, they talk about finding/knowing the sun’s position. I already had an app that does that on my phone so now I will use it with a purpose! Neat.

Also, there is probably snow left over there, given the altitude, temperature, and weather reports. So because of all this, I will need my ND filters and my circular polarizing filters. No reflections, greater colors (if needed).

I also love night photography, I will have to take my tripod with me, especially if we go to Brasov. The sun is still kind of up at 17.30 – 18h but it gets dark fast. Given the altitude, it will get dark even before that.

As for the lenses you should use, it’s up to you. I only use three.  All I know is that I’ll take a camera protection cover in case it snows too much.

With this, gloves and a remote control is needed, especially with this cold. And if it gets windy, you’ll be good. I’ll also take my Moleskine and my pencils, you never know.

After that, it’s up to you what you decide to bring with you. I know I’ll bring food.

Of course, the photographs will be up sometime next week!


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