Work In Progress

Soooo… Hey there. I know, I know. I’ve been neglecting the blog, things have been hectic, lots of things to take care of and lots of work lately, I didn’t even have the time to take my DSLR out for a stroll. Up until yesterday! Spring is knocking on Romania’s door, it’s 20C outside (68F), not a single cloud in the sky, birds singing, flowers blooming, just like DSLRs actually. While walking around Bucharest yesterday, we have seen dozens of people with their cameras (just one guy with a Sony.. sigh), nice lenses, and that look in their eyes saying: “finally, good light!!!” And so it was. It’s the first time of the year 2011 when we actually didn’t need the jackets and gloves, not even a light scarf. Just yummy. And I look forward to this period of the year given the nice and interesting fact that I took two weeks of, one of my best friend is coming to town for.. well two weeks, and it’s gonna involve a lot of fun, food, red wine, and even more photography. We decided to have some sort of formal “classes”, choosing a portfolio of photographs that we want to show each other (yes, “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine, I know), some kind of review class, trying to improve our work, and then we’ll probably have like a two days shoot and one day review. Can’t wait.

Prior to all this, I started doing some photographs for another blog, fashion topics, it was interesting to work with clothes, so this also took me some time.

This friend will bring his Beercanwhich I never tried and I am very anxious to do so. A good review:  I know it’s one of the iconic lenses for everyone, even those who do not own Sony/Konica-Minolta gear. I want to get my hand on it so bad now, practice with it. This could be explained by to things: 1. the fact that a lot of posts I’ve read kept saying that if you haven’t tried the Beercan, you haven’t tried anything and 2. I am going to the US in June, and I lured over a particular lens for quite some time now, this baby I dream about this lens, that’s how much I want it.

Also, what I decided to to before posting anything new is actually organize my library. I use LR3, and I haven’t been too good at organizing it. This is my latest task and I want to get it done fast, I was supposed to do this three months ago, procrastinated, and here I am.

Feel free to comment about anything I’ve said in this post, the lenses, the organizing, the procrastinating, whatever!


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