The one-day-trip to Constanta was both a great experience but also a disappointing one. For some reason, my friend and I had some higher expectations from that town, maybe because we were finally going outside of Bucharest for a change, but also because it seemed to be a beautiful and interesting town to see/visit/photograph. The four hours train trip from Bucharest to Constanta was… four hours long. So we had to wake up at 6am, take the train at 7am, we were like some zombies with cameras. And for the first time in our lives, we had Palinca before 9am. Plum liquor for those who haven’t heard of it. Strong liquor. Makes your lips catch fire and your stomach wake up. It was a nice boost but we still slept for a while. When we got there, rain. But we walked around, from the train station to the sea, stopped for food, visited the Minaret, churches, whatever was on our guide. But then we got to the casino. We thought it would be open, because that stupid guide said so. But it was closed and looked abandoned for quite some time now. You’ll see for yourself. It was still a great day, a nice adventure for the both of us, the train was a pleasant ride back home and despite the fact that we weren’t very impressed by Constanta, we still really enjoyed ourselves.

Also, this was my first try at some panoramic photographs, CS5 does a very good job at it. I likey.








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