First In-use Impressions with the 70-300G

Yesterday was cloudy and cold, and as bad as I wanted to play around with my new lens, I had to grin and bear it . Until today! The weather decided to be nice and cuddly, it’s sunny and warm, so I had the pleasure to try out two things, my bag (if you’ve missed it, have a look: DIY Messenger Bag Padding) and the 70-300G SSM (this one). We went to Herastrau, overcrowded, sort-of noisy, but nonetheless oh so relaxing Herastrau. We had our first picnic of the year, an Ikea picnic with cheese, salami, crackers and desserts from Ikea (hence the name), and it was actually very nice. We sat down on some stairs, enjoyed it from A to Z, moved around, and pretty much slept in the sun for a few hours. That’s what I call a nice April Sunday.

My first impressions on the lens could be summed up in one word: yummy. Sharp, beautiful colors, no significant CA, nothing to frown upon that is. I’ve shot everything at f/7.1 and the bokeh is still very nice. I still have to try the widest aperture for that but I can’t complain so far! The SSM is fast and so discreet. It does kind of sucks the blood out of your battery pretty fast if you’re not careful, but nothing to be really bothered I think. I don’t have a constant Live View (because it’s useless and I think that Live View on a DSLR is ruining the concept), just the Live View check, which I didn’t use because the AF was on the spot most of the time. I say this because I still have to get used to the 3m-infinity AF, and because a spot-on AF with kids running around like squirrels on Ecstasy is pretty much impossible to achieve. But anyway. Have a look at these, and let me know what you think!













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