What now?

After spending these past few weeks post-processing the Seattle batch, I ended up realizing I haven’t actually done anything else. I probably haven’t even taken my camera out of its bag in a couple of weeks, up until yesterday. I cleaned up my back-pack, all the accessories, all my lenses, and my camera. I also freshened up my memory by playing around the camera’s menus, checking the manual if I needed to, playing with the external flash for a while. I also started thinking about new DIY projects such as a beauty dish or a soft-box. My 8mm has finally been retrieved by my folks back in France so I also started planning what to do with it since I’ll get it in a few days.

But I also have a check-list of what I want to do today. Of course, you can find stuff like “pay bills” and “clean up the bathroom” on it, but everything else is photography related. The most important item on that list is this: I need to create a “Fine Art” set on my pages, where I’ll regroup all my best shots, the ones that I’d show without blushing or feeling like I could have done better. Feel free to help out, to give some deeper feedback on my work!

It’s never good to procrastinate, especially with photography. I don’t like putting it aside anyway.


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