An evening in Slatina

Slatina is a vey nice little town on the way to Severin. I remember driving through it a few times, always thinking it was gray and dull. Well, I was wrong. And I think I was wrong about most of the gray and dull towns I drove through in Romania. We drove for nearly six hours that day, I haven’t done that in a very long time, at least with my folks in the same car, and it reminded me of a lot of childhood things that I loved thinking about. All the places we used to stop at, all the songs we used to listen to (because we always had the same old tapes), and I really enjoyed this trip. So, back to Slatina. We had a drink with some friends there for an hour or so, and on the way out of the town, they drove us up to a panorama spot, so of course, I shot panoramas. Easy one I’d say.










6 thoughts on “An evening in Slatina

  1. I love Slatina, I have been there twice as a volunteer. Please read about my volunteering experiences on my blog πŸ™‚

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