Business Thoughts

I would venture a guess and say that many of you, amateur photographers and artistic daydreamers, have been thinking, at least once, about how your life could be if you were doing this, i.e. photography, instead of whatever your daily occupation might be. I would be lying if I say that I don’t think about it more often that I can actually realize.

I have decided to do something I thought I didn’t have the time to do a year ago, take a professional photography course that will, if all goes well, be rewarded by an Academy recognized diploma. I have self-taught myself most of what I know today, some of this knowledge comes from my best friend, some from an amazing photography teacher, professional photographer, and friend, Catalin Savulescu. Of course, I spend an awful lot of time reading articles, tutorials, reviews, and what not on the Internet too, but despite what Craig Ferguson might say, not everything on the Internet is true.

Completing this course would be amazingly gratifying and important to me. It would, at least I hope it would, open new perspectives and opportunities that all of us have been thinking about ever since we bought our first “real” camera.

Speaking of which, and I love sidetracking as many of you might know, I am very excited about the latest Sony’s business perspectives. With the A77 and everything surrounding it being announced today, I will probably stop feeling like a camera outsider with my Sony a450. I probably already am an outsider among outsiders, because I think no one bought that camera besides me, but that’s a whole other story, and I might do my own review of the a450, just to piss everyone off. Because I can. Sony seems to have the upper hand now, especially if the FF rumors for 2012 are true, and it would be an amazing thing to see Nikon, Canon, and Sony fight for market shares like squirrels on acid. I’d feel less alone on the streets with more people owning Sony cameras, but from what I understood, portrait and fashion photographers have already adopted the brand as their new favorite, which is good.

Anyway. There are things in my life that are going really well, and there are some that I’m working on. I truly hope I will succeed in what I have undertook lately and I am incredibly optimistic and somewhat excited about all this. My mind is boiling with projects and ideas, and photography is an important part of all this.

I keep having things popping out in my head, a beauty dish diy, a softbox diy, business cards (that I will most certainly finalize this week, yay for that), and I like the fact that, after a more “empty” period, I start creating again. This whole class idea boosts me and I love it.

So yes, business cards. People keep asking about what I do, when I was in Seattle I really felt and actually saw the need for these cards, so now I will do it and have them done. We will work on the different designs (yes, more than one! It’s gonna be collector’s items sometime) and as soon as they arrive, you will have the pleasure to have a look.

I have been rambling too much, I just love rambling.

Bottom line, you don’t have to be a professional and own the best and latest equipment there is to love what you do, to want to continuously improve yourself, to be confident that your vision can be appreciated, and to see big! Yes, photography is an investment, sometimes a huge one, but keep in mind that details matter, that’s what will distance yourself from everyone out there, that also makes huge investments in what they love to do.

Equipment remains equipment, you are the one deciding when to push that shutter release.

Make that count.


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