Beauty Dish DIY – The End is Near

I’m officially done with everything that involves paint! Which means that once I figure out how to put the beauty dish on the flashgun, it will be completely done! The whole thing looks really nice, I’ll post some shots later today I think, I’ve done my best to make it look “not too shabby” and “rather professional” expect the part where you realize it’s made out of a bamboo bowl and car sunshade. I’ll be able to try it out pretty soon too, because it needs to be calibrated – by that I mean (for those who don’t know about it) that you need to test the light coming out of it when the flash goes on. It’s both easy and hard: once your mirror is in place, set your flashgun to wireless, mount it on something else than your camera and point the beauty dish towards a wall (not too close, not too far). Take a shot and look at what you have on the wall: is the light well diffused everywhere, do you have spots, is it going in a strange direction, etc. If there actually is something wrong, move the mirror further down or up, getting it closer or further away from the light source, i.e. your flashgun. And try again! If it doesn’t solve your problems at all, well, I guess you messed up something and you have to start all over again. That’s my biggest fear right now. If this happens, I think I’ll just buy an actual one because, given my final exam theme, I’ll need one anyway. It would just be incredibly nice to use the one I’ve been working on for weeks now!


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