The Beauty Dish DIY – New Holder

So, I changed the holder thingy. I didn’t like my first idea, I found it clumsy and not “clean” enough.  So I changed it all. How? – you seem to ask.

The tupperware is still here, I cut a larger hole in it and used a Moo business card holder/box (the bottom of one, actually) as a support. I cut a hole in this one too, just a little bit bigger than my flashgun, and stuck it in the tupperware. I then literally poured glue in the tupperware, between its wall and the box’s wall. It will take longer to dry up, I know, but at least it’ll be solid. I’ll do the same thing on the outside of the beauty dish.

I have one more idea regarding the flashgun stability, but I’ll keep it for next time!






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