One Word: Organization

I’ve been facing an interesting challenge lately, the lack of space on my hard drives. It made me reevaluate my priorities. I, for instance, decided to delete most of the TV shows I had lying around, TV shows I started watching but that never caught my attention. It also made me go through the circa 16K shots in Lightroom – I’m now down to ~7K and counting. I realized that I was supposed to PP some of these, send them out to my relatives, and I never got to it, mainly because I was too busy shooting some more and PP those shots instead.

So I need space. If I don’t go through everything I have, I won’t be able to get rid of whatever I don’t want to keep. Which made me think that I should really try to organize myself better when it comes to Lightroom. I’m borderline OCD, so I know about organizing myself. But my LR catalogs are… not too organized. I should use the metadata, tags, keywords, everything that LR allows me to use and keep everything neat and clean. And I don’t.

I have to keep looking into this but I think I should be able to export batches from one catalog to another, with all the changes made, which will give me smaller catalogs, easier to use and to navigate through. But that’s already wishful thinking. I will therefore document myself on that issue, if you’re kind enough – and actually know what I’m talking about – feel free to drop a line, telling my how to do this.

I’m having the night off today, night photography will be tomorrow night. It’s sometimes nice to catch a break.

Bye for now 🙂


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