Beauty Dish Diffuser DIY

The weekend’s easy DIY project is already completed. And it was indeed pretty simple.

Take a white t-shirt, not a thick one, a rather “thin” one, and cut it in half.

Once you have the half ready, cut a square around your beauty dish. It’s important that you don’t cut a too small of a t-shirt piece.

You’ll then need a circle, bigger than the beauty dish’s circle. Not too small either, otherwise it will be harder to get the final shape. Put it on the beauty dish, hold it still with something and outline the beauty dish’s “limit”, you’ll be sewing on it.

Use a nice, thick rubber band for the “sewing project”, otherwise it will break fast. And voila!

Once you’re done, try it out. If it fits, you’re done. It has to be hard to put on otherwise it will be all… flabby.

The first real test will be on Tuesday night because I’ve been asked by my photography teacher to bring it for our portraiture course, so stay tuned for more.

Bye for now 🙂


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