The Photography Class – Portraiture

This week has been interesting and exciting. We have spent a good amount of hours on studio portraiture techniques and  lighting set-ups, which is perfect given the fact that my final project is exactly on that! I can now give you some more details since everyone in my class has chosen what projects to present in January.

We are supposed to come up with a portfolio of 5 to 10 shots, all of them must be linked by something – either technical or visual (it can very well be a photo report on a particular topic/subject) – and we must present these shots as much as we can, while, at the same time, answering any questions that the “commission” might have.

With that in mind, I came up with my project: portraits in different lights. I will have at least two models, and I’m thinking about four set-ups: Rembrandt, Split, Butterfly, and Loop. These will show nice differences in intensity and effect when you look at a man’s portrait and at a woman’s one. Simply because some set-ups are more suited to girls, and some to boys.

Next week will be the last one, we will then have a month to finalize the project. Oh, and to get ready for the written finals. I love that “back to school” feeling.

Bye for now 🙂


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