Times have been trying.

I have passed the professional photography certification on Friday night. On that very same night, I have taken my grandpa to the hospital. He passed away on Monday night at 11.45pm.

There’s an old tradition in Romania saying that when the sun is shining on the day of the funeral, the departed will be missed. If it rains, not that much. And if it snows, the departed regrets the way he or she left. It’s been snowing everyday since Saturday morning. Everyday except on Monday, when the sun shined all day long. We are actually in the middle of a snow storm until tomorrow night.

He left us, smiling. There is nothing to regret about that.

I dedicate this photography certification to my grandpa. Everything I will do from now on will be for him too.

I always loved snow. Tomorrow’s funeral will be white…


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  1. Din pacate nu am mai vorbit pe-acasa de la inceputul anului, asa ca sunt cam in urma cu stirile. Imi pare insa rau sa aud aceasta veste. Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca!!!

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