Romania is pretty much paralyzed by ice and snow right now. I have enjoyed it like a child so far, playing around, “running, jumping, climbing trees”, and even though I wanted to take the camera out for a stroll on more than one opportunity, I’ve always found an excuse not to inflict such a weather on that poor little thing. Up until this morning.

As I was walking to work (one of my few daily pleasures I must admit), I “caught” a fellow photographer on my turf. And with a Canon nonetheless. I wouldn’t have said anything if he was using Sony. I am of course joking, you know that, but it made me realize that I am probably missing a lot of shots that I would love to take with me when I’ll leave, shots around my grandpa’s house, shots of these oh so typical Romanian winters.

So, tomorrow morning, I will have my camera with me. Stay tuned 🙂


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