I was about to blame it on technical reasons. But what’s the point? I’ve been slacking lately, didn’t really start postprocessing, only skimmed the set I’m working on. I have a thousands of other things going on right now, major things, and I couldn’t really focus or decide to force myself to postprocess. I also have to admit that technical reasons are also involved. LR4 is insanely slow and it just doesn’t help my motivation (an update is on its way, thumbs up to Adobe). But I’ll probably get back to it this weekend, our first weekend at home in a few weeks. That’s good.

I know it’s not good to procrastinate, especially when it comes to postprocessing, otherwise you’re doomed. But I’ll come back with good news soon enough, explaining everything. Until then, stay tuned, I’ll do my best to come up with a few shots for you to see 🙂


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