Aaaaand back!

Finally! I haven’t had a chance to even remotely think about the blog lately… We moved from Romania ten days ago, spent a full week in Paris (mostly running around between administrative things to do and people to see), and got to Corsica last Sunday. I forced myself not to get sucked into oblivion and carried my camera around a couple of times, I have quite a few shots to sort and process, which is always good. I had the chance to shoot in a makeup store in Paris (the best shots are supposed to go on their Facebook page, I’ll let you know more as things unfold), I also walked around a few nice spots in Paris, and even had a little walk around the village here, in Corsica. So I guess you’ll have something to look at pretty soon!

Our next stop will be Luxembourg. We’re sort of impatient and excited, but we also need to enjoy these few months of well deserved break, especially since we won’t get to go on such a long vacation until… retirement! Imagine that, four months of anything we want. So we decided to focus on our health, get fit again, do a lot of photography (I even bought myself a basic tripod just to be sure I got everything covered)… so on so forth. Neat!

Bear with me, stay tuned, and enjoy whatever’s coming!

Bye for now 🙂


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