Baby on Motorbike – by Warren Papas

Asleep on Daddy’s Motorbike..

I love the whole creative process of photography.  I’ll often get an idea out of nowhere and take some really unique images … and be at a loss to know where the inspiration came from.

The newborn baby sleeping on his Daddy’s GSXR 1000 you see here is just such an example.   There was no plan to take it and I’ve never seen such an image before!   The idea just came from within.

I will try my best to explain how.

We had taken our mobile studio to the home of a newborn baby’s parents in Launceston, Tasmania to take some newborn images of their 9 day old baby.  I asked the parents if there were any of Cherish Photography’s images that they liked more than others.  The Dad replied, “Yes.  The one with the baby asleep on Dad’s motorbike jersey with the boots and helmet in the background.”

While a nice image, it’s far from creative, and not one that I really wanted to do again, and this Dad’s riding gear was a bit of a mix match.  He was so excited about the idea of doing something with his bikes that I knew I needed to do something.

I suggested we go to his shed and check out the motorbikes (to see if I could find any inspiration).  His shed was pretty dam cool.  There was an old ute being restored, the front of a car hanging on the wall and two motorbikes.  My initial thoughts were to use the front of the car on the wall, but Dad was more excited with the bikes, so we turned our attention to them.

There was a GSXR1000 and a vintage YZ490 that he had completely restored.  The seat of the YZ490 was a little slippery so I honed in on the road bike.

I told Dad that we might be able to get a picture of his new son on the GSXR1000, but I just needed to figure out how.  And then how to do it safely.

I never force an idea, but rather let it come to me.  So while taking some of standard newborn images, I let my subconscious work through a solution for me.  I once had a cello sitting in a client’s lounge room for a couple of hours waiting for an idea on how to photograph a newborn baby on it come to me.  Eventually it did (but it took a while).  Then it occurred to me that I could pose baby in a similar way to the baby on the cello on the motorbike.

The pose was figured out so I just needed to work out if there was enough gear around the house to allow us to take the photograph  safely.  If there wasn’t, I would not have taken the image.  Luckily there was.  Dad had scaffolding (and other items).

We had a break and setup for the motorbike image while baby was fed again.  We then waited for him to go into a really deep sleep.  He must be into bikes already as he slept really well and allowed us to get the photograph.

So how did I come up with the idea?  Through wanting to do something better and different.  Isn’t that how we get improvement in all endeavors?


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