We have finally managed to move in. So far, Luxembourg has been friendly and welcoming. It’s been a little under two weeks now, we still don’t have the internet (well, only through tethering mode through my mobile phone – and that’s not fast), but it’s getting there. I’ve had a very busy schedule so far with starting my new job and all the subsequent training, moving in, discovering whatever we can discover around the house and around the country. It’s been exhausting but really fun. I’ve met a lot of photographers here, shared some info with them, hopefully it might be interesting. Speaking of which, I’ve kept my eyes open, as I always do (and so shall you) and already pinpointed some thing that’s I plan on shooting. The fog here is amazing in the morning, especially when it’s sunny. I’m ecstatic 🙂

So as you can see, that is why I haven’t been posting anything lately, and you can imagine that through a tethered phone, there’s nothing much you could upload on a photography blog. Unless you are really patient and have the time to be. Which I don’t. At least not right now.

So bear with me, please, and I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can.

Bye for now 🙂


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