Price and Prejudice – by Warren Papas

A while back we displayed an image of a baby on a motorbike.  This was a request from a parent while we were photographing their baby in their home, and we were happy to oblige.  After all, we’d never created an image like that before – it was an exciting challenge at the time. Upon reflection, that image just doesn’t fit with our style. It’s not all cute, innocent, and protective. All the things that newborns are and, I belive, newborn photography should be.

Now we seem to be getting a lot of requests to photograph babies on motorbikes.  As a photographer, it is hard to knock back paid work, ever it doesn’t fit with your style.  Additionally, it’s hard to tell new clients that we don’t do that anymore when they have seen those images of ours and contacted us because of them.

The attached image is of a Dad’s son on a motorbike in a paddock.  I wanted to add a landscape feel to the image, and the parents lived opposite a farm so it wasn’t much trouble to get there.  Does it fit with our style?  No.  While photography this baby, I thought that a much more stylish image would be to have the baby sleeping on a motorbike helmet (or make it look like that).  And we almost created that image. Baby was waking a little, and wouldn’t let me cover his private parts up.  So we got the image, but not to a standard to publically display on our website.  I’ve attached it for you guys.

We’ve also included an image of this same baby on a surfboard.  It’s a much nicer image and one that I feel fits our style.  It was taken in the parent’s hallway and I was shooting from the lounge room, through a doorway to the baby.  What you see is as much of the surfboard as I could fit in. I like this image.  Oh and to get it, I needed to mainly use available light coming through the front door with a little fill flash. The reason for this was that the doorway largely prevented my studio light from hitting the baby, or hitting him from the angle that I wanted!

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