Saturday Walk

For my second Saturday walk, I pretty much came back empty handed. I saw a lot of things, but the weather conditions weren’t good enough. It got dark fast, it started snowing so the AF-C was acting up, so no animal photography this week, unfortunately. On the other hand, on a more personal note, I was happy to see six wild boars, four does, a huge hare, and lots of woodpeckers.

Now that my trustworthy a450 is turning three years old, I start experiencing more and more each time I use it how tired it got lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, pondering things, reading articles and forums, discussing it with other photographers, asking lot and lots of questions.. and I believe it’s time for an upgrade.

I have decided, despite the rumors of new Sony bodies coming out by the end of 2013, to get myself an a77.

Considering the way I do things, the type of photographs I like to shoot, the mindset I’m in nowadays, I won’t go for a full-frame after all. First of all, because I still have two lenses designed for APS-C bodies, the four others are FF compatible so no sweat, but still. Secondly, I’m already pretty much loaded on film cameras (i.e. 35mm) and I love working with those. Like the Minolta x-570 (x-500), a nice Kodak Retinette II that I’d love to fix, and a Zenit Junior that works like a charm. I admit I still have to get used to the Ihagee Exa-1A.

So I need to focus on what I have so far and on what to do with it. Hence the a77 choice.

I was thinking about the a900 at some point, my best friend just got the a99 and is using the a900 as a backup so far, and he was okay selling it to me. But we talked and talked about it and both figured the a77 would be a better choice.

So, sometime soon, the a77 will show up on this blog. I hope it will rather be sooner than later.

I’ll take a look at whatever I shot yesterday and, if I find something interesting, I’ll post my findings in a couple of days.

Bye for now 🙂


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