Dead laptop, slow blog…

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been around in the past couple of weeks. Mainly because of work, also because of procrastinating everything. I started planning photographic “strolls” but the weather messed my plans up, and as of Sunday, my laptop won’t boot. I guess it won’t help.

I am focussing on a lot of things and photography is being mistreated. I will remedy that at least by taking the camera out of its bag again. As for my laptop, with all my softwares and files, I will find a way. Soon, hopefully.

Hm, yeah..


2 thoughts on “Dead laptop, slow blog…

  1. Oh no, good luck getting your laptop working again!

    My photography goes through endless cycles of more and less, and after the “less” part of the cycle the “more” is more than ever before. I hope you get your camera out and about and have fun with it!

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