When in doubt, sit down and read

Red Sky in Morning - Paul Lynch

After the initial anger period when my laptop fell into a coma, I realized I could use the break to sit down and read about subjects that interest me, take a closer look to what other photographers do, learn more about what I can do as well. I have dozens of photography books pdfs that I still haven’t touched but the least I could do was to surf on the Internet looking for inspiration and examples. So I read about night photography, portraiture, external flash use, photography business, blogging, I took a look at gear reviews, my gear reviews especially. I haven’t had that much time to fool around with the a77 for instance, and reading about it wasn’t such a bad “replacement”. Quite a placebo though as I was growing frustrated to shoot but not being able to take a look or post process in any way.

But this “try out” period helped me pinpoint some things about the gear I own. The a77 has an awsome panoramic mode, sometimes challenging to use but once you get used to it, it’s pretty damn good. The Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 preset is pretty much useless for nature photography (at least close-ups / macro-ish shots) unless I’m using extension tubes (given the minimum focus distance). An umbrella/softbox DIY is doable once you manage to find a foil blanket (but now I’m thinking about a way to switch from warm to cold tones easily – I might have a good idea that needs to be tried).

Photography is never solely about taking photographs, it’s about everything that makes you want to do it. Peculiar gear, DIYs, interesting and/or helpful camera features, inspiration, the whole photography community, so on so forth. Everyone has different things driving them.

Find those things, they are the only things that will help you go through photographic drought periods. Find them, explore them, take advantage of them, turn them upside down until you find what makes it click for you. The camera doesn’t matter that much anymore, what you decide to do with it makes everything worthwhile.


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