Getting the old pipes moving again

Lately, my daytime job has been taking roughly 90% of my time. Lucky for my, I actually like this job a lot. Unfortunately for my photography, it get’s sidelined a little (if not a lot).

So, because it’s been so long, I had quite some trouble getting back into the game. My motivation has been quite low, at least when it came to picking the camera up and shooting something.

What do you do when this happens? Well, there are a lot of different possibilities. You can either start reading about photography, or watching videos/documentaries (I do that a lot lately), you can start buying new gear to get your interest back up (I also did that this month – I just gripped my a77 and bought myself a nice Sony 85mm f/2.8), and you can also pick up the camera and shoot random stuff until your eye wakes up and starts thinking like it should again (I’m in the process of doing so).

I started playing with my Minolta x-570 again, bought some film again, and also shot a couple of things with the a77 – what you can see below all this rambling. I’ll start bringing my camera around a little more even during the week, I guess I’ll have some free time laying around at some point during the day. Or at least I hope so.




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