5 thoughts on “Moonstruck

    1. Thank you! I want to try the stacking technique now but the weather is against me.

      I found it difficult to operate the MF on the telephoto lens, mainly because of the stability while focussing (camera + lens shake combine made it hard for me to focus). I am this thinking about a way to reduce this kind of issue in the near future.

      1. I have to say, I am no expert in directing the lense upwards at night or using minolta cameras, but what I find quite helpful for stacking is using a tripod and a timed shutter release to as much shaking as possible.

        Maybe, I’ll publish my tryouts, but basically, what I did was to push the body of the camera down and let it do the shooting automatically every one or two seconds. At the same time I try to be very, very careful and slow while turning the focus ring (is this thingy where you change the focus manually, called a ring?). 95%-ish of the shots are going to land in the bin, but the three or four of the series that worked, look quite nice. This way, long term exposure shots are a bit more forgiving when it comes to very little and very short shakes. Macro shots (including leaves or stuff in an uncontrollable environment) are still giving me the creeps, though.

        What I could envision to be difficult for you is the movement of the object itself, too. I tried shooting stars with low ISO and a few seconds of release time and good blurry lines basically. Raising the ISO is adding noise which I could reduce in editing, but it does remove some of the stars, too.

        Good Luck with your tryouts!

      2. Tripod and wireless shutter release I have. The fiddling with the focus ring part is the issue…I do everything in manual focus using the a77’s peaking, magnifying twice to get as close as possible. But the tricky part is focussing with the ring without moving the whole structure. I’ve made a telephoto lens support DIY a while back and that’s what I am using, but it might be too light and not stiff enough..

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