500mm Winter Sunrise

#1500mm Winter sunrise 1

#2500mm Winter sunrise 2



I know I haven’t been posting lately. It’s been a busy week, both because I have been running around preparing my trip to Corsica, and also because I finally completed the photoshoots for my photography certification final. Alrighty then. I will do my best to finish post-processing tomorrow, which will leave me enough time to double-check everything and find where to print my stuff. I’m also working on a back-up plan in case I decide the portrait project bores me (it has happened before, believe me). So this is interesting as it puts my brain to work.

I’ll finally get my hands on the Minolta 500mm f/8 in 3 days, yay for that. The lens with a third-party bigger lens hood should make for a nice test-drive session probably on Sunday. Corsican mountains, here I come!

Keep in touch, bye for now 🙂